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Italians love film and like most things Italian it has a colorful history.  A 20th century addition to the magic of Rome is the film studio of Cinecittà. The Cinecittà studios have been making films for 70 years, including many of the classic epics like La Dolce Vita and Death in Venice. Cinecittà was opened by Mussolini in April 1937, with the intention of promoting Italy and the current fascist ideals through cinema. The complex, in south-east Rome, was designed as a complete centre of production, with facilities covering everything from training, through the production of films, to post-production. Within six years, almost 300 films had been made at the new studios. Although, the luster of the lights have somewhat dimmed at Cinecitta’ there are still many wonderful films being produced and exported from Italy.

In it’s infancy at the University of Miami is Cineforum, a film series promoting the artistic efforts made by those in modern Italian cinema.  The festival is the brain child of Manny Garcia-Rossi,  Professor of Italian and Spanish, and is supported in part by funds from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in support of Italian language and culture.  All films are presented in Italian with English subtitles every other Wednesday through April 18th on campus at the Learning Center 110 at 7:30.  Please checkhttp://www.as.miami.edu/mll/events/ for exact schedule.

(Sorry, the following trailer is only in Italian.)

Next up is “Una Vita Tranqilla” on February 29th.   A story of a man dedicated to leaving his past behind.  Is it possible to reinvent yourself?

Oh, and did I mention, all screenings are FREE.

 Siete benvenuti!