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The days are now hung with mist that blot out the hills behind the small towns.

It is decidedly colder than when we arrived in Italy what seems a long time ago

Our days and nights have been filled with rich experiences and joys to treasure

Fortunately,  La Dolce Villa is a state of mind, so I actually never have to leave Italy or Coral Gables.  I am always there (at least in my mind) and can stay connected through the memories of unhurried meals with friends, good wine, enchanting scenery and the slow rhythm of every day life that makes living or being there so unique

 I take with me the memory of new friends, tastes, sounds and sights that fill me with joy  So andiamo avanti (let’s go forward) and explore all things dolce

Next month an antiquing trip to Mt. Dora to bring you treasures and new experiences