On Monday’s in Italy, most stores in the smaller cities are closed in the morning so there is no need to rush out.  In the afternoon a second hand store near Lucca yielded a few finds although I have yet to hit the ‘mother lode’.  Later, as the day transformed itself into a rainy and chilly autumn afternoon,  we decided to bake bread.  I had brought my apron and a collection of recipes along in anticipation of just such an occasion.  I am one of those cooks who cannot function in a kitchen without an apron and so make it a policy to purchase or bring one on my trips.  It is not enough for me to ‘eat’ well, I also want to ‘cook’ well.  My friend, Ann, and I joke that we have a fear of yeast, as I have never met a yeast bread that I could master.  However, some months ago I found a recipe that has proven that theory wrong.  And so I offer you this Video so that you can see, ‘all things are possible’ and so that you will be spared my ‘fear of yeast’.

Below is ‘proof’ of what Rosemaria and I achieved on that chilly, rainy afternoon.