Cucina Tipica

Today we drove down from our hilltop and up another to have Sunday lunch at Il Botteghino.  Even though this restaurant is only 7 kilometers north of Lucca, the winding drive seemed much longer. Our friends had booked a table at this tiny restaurant.  As they explained it, ‘When you book a table for Sunday lunch in Italy, it is yours for the entire afternoon’. They further explained that ‘the time allocated for pranzo is ‘sacro sant’ and that no one would dare telephone between the hours of 1 and 3 in the afternoon.’ It was a beautiful drive through the hills that were dotted with the many historic villas that are open for viewing. The restaurant was peopled with locals from the area enjoying the wonderful food. I ordered a local pasta that was typical of the area followed by the rarest and thinnest slices of roast beef accompanied by roasted potatoes. My husband had a Tuscan steak. Be aware that the Italians serve their steaks very rare.

The afternoon progressed with animated conversation and much local wine, of which they are very proud.  A request to enter the kitchen was met with ‘si, si, venga’  from the cuoco.

Italian Vocabulary

pranzo – lunch 

cuoco – cook

venga – come

How I long for this type of establishment at home.  Perhaps it already exists. Do you know?