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In Italy the cost of having a dryer in your home is often prohibitive.  Most people do not have the benefit of this much taken for granted modern convenience and opt for line drying to save on expenses.  Even though it is essentially a cost saving measure, the sight of clothes drying on a line brings me back to my childhood.  We did not have a dryer in our house and so clothes were hung on the line when it was hot or cold,  sunny or cloudy.  I remember many times in New York taking the clothes off the line with icicles still stuck to them.  At any rate, when I see all the clothes a flutter in Italy it is like flags flying or someone flying their colors.  It does make for  a lovely still life.  Doubtless those without a dryer might not think so.

Here at home we have taken a leaf from their page and purchased a drying rack.  If you were to peek into my yard on a sunny South Florida afternoon you might get a glimpse of my laundry floating in the breeze.  However, no unmentionables wafting on the wind.

Have you ever rented a home in Italy that had a dryer and tried to use it?  That in itself is a real challenge.  Let me know your experiences.