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After pasta, my second favorite food is pizza.  I like it thin when the oil drips down my arm and each slice so delicate that the tip folds under when I pick it up.  I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I am originally from New York and that we are almost religious about the state of our pizza.  Now I know, some like theirs thick Chicago style and some even take theirs with pineapple.  As for myself, I am a purist and always opt for mozzarella and tomato sauce.  Of course, we did experience some wonderful pizza in Italy and even produced some ourselves from a pizza oven at the home of our friends.  This my husband pronounced,

‘the best pizza he had ever had’

The oven can get up to 700 degrees and cooks a pizza in only seven minutes.

How many times have you seen a pizza box home emblazened with

‘you’ve tried the rest, now try the best’ 

Only this time it is true, close to home, and it’s called Mario the Baker.

You are greeted by Stephano, your amicable host who actually speaks Italian.  How authentic is that.  And when you ask for a pizza cooked to your specifications you actually get it.  Red and white check table cloths, the sound of people enjoying themselves, and good prices make this a great choice when you want that most oohey gooey cheesey goodness in Coral Gables.  Che buono!