Coming down the stairs each morning I am anxious to turn on my computer.  Should I pour myself a cup of coffee first so that anything I write has a fair chance of making sense?  Should I resist the urge to just ‘peek’ to see what interesting emails I have received?  Its funny, I have worked all my life since I was 16, and this is the first time I have had this feeling about anything remotely called ‘work’.  My son has said,  ‘My mom has always had jobs, never a career’.

That is entirely true and a partial result of my upbringing and lack of direction in choosing a career.  Yes, but I now feel that the fact that I have so many and varied interests makes it difficult and has made it difficult for me to settle on one path.  Only one?  That is too few for a life well lived and a bit miserly when I think of all the exciting choices, career paths and interesting hobbies that are out there.  I prefer to view myself as a producer.  A person who takes an idea, develops it and puts it into action.  Now, not all of them have been successful, but I have certainly benefited  along the way from all my various choices.  But blogging seems to speak to me and in turn I hope it speaks to you through my voice.   I am grateful that you have chosen to follow my escapades in Europe, my stream of consciousness ramblings and my hopes and dreams.

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s passing.  She passed away just prior to the millenium from alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease.  One of the last things she was able to enjoy was the sight and sound of the birds.  This brought her pleasure till near the end. This morning I was awakened by the sounds of the birds.  Ti amo mamma.