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Even though the weather was turning cooler in Tuscany, I couldn’t resist ordering a gelato.  On our first trip with my husband and children to Florence in the sweltering summer heat of June we could consume up to three gelati a day (each).  We ate them piled high in a crisp cone or chased the melting orbs around a dish with our spoons devouring them before they wilted from the summer heat.

Choose your favorite.

Sometimes ice cream comes with sprinkles, sometimes it comes with a sprinkling of graffiti.

Gelato with a view of the Ponte Vecchio

and sometimes it is just best shared!

As good as the gelato is in Italy, I have made a discovery of equally good gelato that is considerably closer to home.  A little over a year ago the Liberty Caffe opened its doors at the site of The Coral Gables Country Club.  Standing in the midst of lush green landscape in the heart of the Coral Gables community, the country club has an impressive heritage. This crown jewel was originally part of the 1921 city plan by George Merrick and landscape architect, Frank Button and proudly became Coral Gables’ first public building. In addition to its prestigious lineage, the Liberty Caffe boasts the best ice cream this side of Italy.  Do you have a favorite place for this sweet indulgence?