One of my dreams (sogni) has always been to speak Italian.  I lay awake at night as bits and pieces of Italian words and phrases flutter though my mind. Why is it so important for me to speak? Is it because I have announced to the world (friends and family) that I will achieve this and will be considered a failure if I do not?  Maybe that has something to do with it.  Allora.  In preparation for our trip I registered at the Osher Life Long Learning Center with the University of Miami.   The center is designed to spark your curiosity and encourage participation in life long learning as an integral part of healthy aging.  No tests.  Yeah.  Just a relaxed learning style that encourages social and cultural learning opportunities.  Il mio professore is Manny, a young man with a Latin babbo and an Italian mamma.  A multicultural alliance at its best.

Do you have an adult learning center in your hometown?