Only two more days before the adventure.   I have not been away from home for this amount of time (3 weeks +) since I was eighteen years old and just experiencing my first trip to Europe.  I remember missing my parents, but I remember being completely changed by the experience.

The trip was in connection with Nancy Taylor Secretarial School.  Back in 1967 if you did not go to college, secretarial school was the natural option (outside of marriage).  My father, although a very intelligent man who graduated two years ahead of his class, was obliged to work in the family grocery store instead of pursuing a college degree.  College was NOT part of his DNA and NOT an idea that he passed on to his children.  During a visit with my Mom  to the school, I noticed a flyer announcing a study trip to Europe.  That clinched it.  I knew this was the school for me; and that I would travel for the first time to Europe.  When spring came I withdrew all the money that I had earned babysitting, save $5.00 to keep the account open.  I had no friends that were participating in the trip, but this did not deter my wanderlust or desire to explore the world outside my hometown of Pelham, New York.   The journey was indeed life altering as it opened my mind to other cultures, and ways of living that have become part of my collective consciousness to this day.

When did you make your first foray to the continent?